Hardy Hibiscus

Bold and Beautiful Hardy Hibiscus I was thrilled to see more brilliant red hibiscus flowers blooming in the garden this morning. There were several open earlier in the week but I didn’t have my camera ready at the right time, so early this morning after doing my watering chores, I ran down with my camera and snapped a couple of pictures of this beauty before it fades. It may be a fleeting moment of glory for today’s flower, but no worries – this wonderful hibiscus does produce a good succession of blooms for the tomorrows to come. The Cordial series of hardy hibiscus are an exciting offering from Bloom of Bressingham, that has done very well in the garden for several years. This group of compact hybrid Hibiscus hybrid have huge 8-10 inch diameter flowers on well branched plants. These plants love the heat and have done very well on

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