New Plant and Bulb Introductions from Gardenimport

New 2009 Summer and Fall Bulb and Plant introductions from Gardenimport

Narcissus 'Beautiful Eyes' a Jonquil Hybrid

Narcissus BEAUTIFUL EYES Gardenimport trialed this lovely Jonquil hybrid this spring and were not only delighted by its fragrance but also by its abundant and long lasting bloom. Division 7: Jonquil Narcissus.Abundant clusters of wonderfully fragrant white petaled flowers with small orange cups. Long lasting and superb for bouquets. Blooms late mid spring. Ht. 30-40cm (12-16”). Whether you call them Narcissi, or Daffodils if you prefer, they’re just about the best thing that ever happened to northern gardens. They produce blooms the very first season, go on doing it for years, and the clump gets bigger as the seasons roll by. Daffodils are generally not only disease-resistant but pest-resistant as well, and that includes squirrels! Hardy to zone 4.

Tulip 'Jazz'

Tulip JAZZ Dugald Cameron says that he saw

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Daylilies at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas

Flowering Treasures at Zilker Botanical Garden

Rising extra early morning on Sunday gave me time to capture some flowers blooming at Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas before the sun got too fierce. The daylilies (Hemerocallis) were particularly beautiful.

An aptly named Daylily – 'So Many Stars'

The Daylily beds just west of the main entrance were spectacular in the early morning light. Each flower a perfect bloom to embrace the new day.

Daylily ‘Velvet Gem’

With the birds adding an audible chorus to the morning air, the daylilies were bursting into glorious bloom with all their might. While one lone photographer walked the 50 feet from the parking lot to get up close and really appreciate all their beauty – at the same time hoping that others in the autos speeding by at 45 mph would slow down to take a notice too.

The stunning ‘Eye

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