Columbines and Granny’s Bonnets

The Beauty of Columbines

Old-fashioned Charming Columbines

Columbines are a delightful addition to the perennial garden. Forming an upright plant with fine lacy foliage, this plant is a favourite of many gardeners. Columbines bloom for many weeks in late May and early June. They have very interesting and highly decorated blooms. Whether they are purple, white, red, or yellow in colour, many columbine blooms resemble fancy bonnets. Columbines are perfect for an informal, woodland or cottage-style garden where it does not matter if plants change their location or self-seed thereby introducing a brand new colour. Even the name seems to fit a more natural garden style. The word columbine comes from Latin meaning dove. Earlier gardeners thought that columbine flowers resembled a cluster of doves.

Columbines are well loved because they are so easy to grow. Just give them a slightly well drained, sandy (or gravely) site and they

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