Gazania – The Treasure Flower

Cheery Gazania Daybreak Red Stripe

Cheery Gazania 'Daybreak Red Stripe' with marigolds

Gazania are members of the aster family that originally resided in South Africa. They are tough, little plants that bloom with bright, daisy-like blooms and seem to thrive no matter how extreme the sun, wind, poor soil or drought challenges they face. They are “good cheer” plants that bloom even under the harshest conditions.

Botanically, they are known as Gazania rigens (Clumping Gazania or Treasure Flower). The plants are frequently used en mass as a temporary colorful groundcover and do look best when grouped together. Gazania grows very well with portulaca (moss rose) since they both like the same sunny conditions, are similar heights and can tolerate some drought.

Gazania are long bloomers and some have large 4” blooms in bright yellow, orange, red, pink and white (or many combinations of these colors) that flower from

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