Key Garden Tools – Part Two

Here’s a look at more indispensible garden tools.

Hand tools (forks, cultivators, or trowels) are readily found in garden supply outlets. Such tools are even available in a number of fashionable colours. Choose a colour that is bold enough to be seen when the tool is put down among the perennials. Do not buy green hand tools – you will spend all your time searching for them and might even loose them. Consider the width of the hand tool. It should be a size that is convenient to use. If too wide, hand tools will make you work harder than necessary. Gardeners with heavy clay soil should be wary of hand tools with a hollow back or weak handle that will bend during hard digging. Measurements marked on a trowel are helpful for planting small bulbs. The angle of a frequently used hand tool is important. The angle should allow

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Key Garden Tools – Part One

Indispensable Garden Tools

What makes a garden tool indispensable?

The essential garden tools

The right garden tool should feel comfortable in your hands, be well balanced, have a good grip, and have a smooth, well finished handle. A good gardening tool should just feel “right”. If a tool feels clumsy, unbalanced, or heavy initially-it will feel even more awkward when using it for many hours in the garden. It is important to select a tool that fits your height, weight, and strength. Quality, indispensable tools are the ones that hold a sharp edge and don’t get lent to just any gardening friends. These tools are the ones that feel like they are doing the work all by themselves. They definitely make the job much easier. Non-gardeners have a hard time understanding the strength of the bond that forms between a gardener and their well-used, trusty set of tools.


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