Clematis…Do you say kle-matis or Klem-ah-tis?

Clematis 'John Warren' Pruning Group 2

The beauty of Clematis is evident no matter what name it is called – traveller’s joy, old man’s beard, leather flower, vase vine or virgin’s bower. The large, exquisite blooms of the Jackmanii type of clematis and similar types are really spectacular in the summer. With a little care, this durable and dependable, large flowering clematis can be a show-stopper in the garden.

Clematis 'Princess Diana' Pruning Group 3

Clematis, as a group, do have a lot of diversity, gardeners just have to look beyond the large flowering Jackmanii types. There are clematis with flowers that are tiny bells or fragrant puffs of white petals that seem to float in the air. A wide range of flower types and blooming times give gardeners many options to enjoy this (mostly) climbing plant.

Clematis 'Pohjanael' Pruning Group 3

The one major hindrance for

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