Super Scents from the Garden

Natural Botanical Aromatherapy

Enticed by the alluring scent of old-fashioned roses

The power of fragrant flowers extends far beyond the ability to attract pollinating insects, moths or butterflies. Floral scents like roses are one of the most popular smells for humans too. Just look to the perfume industry and notice the effort that is put into trying to reproduce the authentic fragrance of garden flowers in a liquid form. Gardeners are fortunate to be able to enjoy the real thing with just a visit to the garden. Scientists have found that the sense of smell is the most prominent of all the senses with strong links to memory recall. In planning your garden, be sure to include some scented flowers to trigger fond memories. The use of aromatherapy or fragrances to boost our moods has led to resurgence in scented plants. Citrus scent is a “pick me up” and

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Gardens and Groves in Central Florida

The Gardens and Citrus Groves of Polk County

Orange blossoms at the UF Citrus Research and Education Center

If you set a map of Florida up on a dart board, a seasoned player will easily be able to get a dart to hit right smack on Central Florida and probably will be able to make the bull’s eye, money shot right on Polk County. Polk County is the quiet, relaxed, laid-back neighbor to the boisterous, bustling, touristy Orlando and Kissimmee (Orange County) areas to the east and northeast . Close enough for an Orlando fling when the feeling strikes, Polk County is just a 1 hour drive from the Disney resort area. Polk County has many surprises beyond being an ideal home base or “bedroom community.” The area does have the ability to steal a little daytime fun away from Orlando too.

Polk County, Florida was named for

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