St. Joseph’s Lily

St. Joseph’s Lily, Hardy Amaryllis, Johnson’s Amaryllis, Bouquet Amaryllis

The stunning St. Joseph’s Lily (Hippeastrum x johnsonii) that is so fondly associated with many Southern gardens originated as a chance cross between Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) vittata and A. reginae  (both originally from South America).  One of the first hybrid Amaryllis, it was perhaps unintentionally crossed by [...]

Garden Trivia Quiz

Fun with Useless Garden Trivia Stuff?!??

Do you know the difference between Corylus and Corylopsis? Well you don’t have to know the answer for this fun gardening trivia quiz. Gardeners or garden lovers eager for some fun investigation and a chance to test their knowledge of vegetables, perennials, trees, annuals, pests, weeds and indoor plants [...]

Garden Trivia Quiz Answers

Garden Trivia Answers are Revealed

The suspense is over for all fun-loving gardening trivia buffs. Here are the answers to the trivia quiz and in some cases an explanation.


Vegetables 1. That warm feeling from hot peppers is measured in units that honour the man who discovered the complicated way to measure the [...]