Leaving Your Garden Behind – Taking a Guilt-free Vacation

Leaving the Garden for a Guilt-free Vacation

Even though gardeners have a strong bond with their garden, there are occasions when it is necessary to spend time away from home – visiting other people’s gardens is always a good excuse for me to travel.

Ready to leave the home garden far behind.

Summer [...]

Clematis…Do you say kle-matis or Klem-ah-tis?

Clematis 'John Warren' Pruning Group 2

The beauty of Clematis is evident no matter what name it is called – traveller’s joy, old man’s beard, leather flower, vase vine or virgin’s bower. The large, exquisite blooms of the Jackmanii type of clematis and similar types are really spectacular in the summer. With a little [...]

From Compost Pile to Gold Medal Winner (and other great plant success stories)

  Pennsylvania Horticultural Society names the 2010 Gold Medal Winners

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) has chosen five outstanding woody plants as their 2010 Gold Medal plant winners.

Since 1979, the Gold Medal program has recognized plants of outstanding merit, though often underused and they may not necessarily be new to the nursery trade. The [...]

The “tough as nails” Red Yucca

Red Yucca blooms

The tough beauty – Red Yucca.

Firstly, Red Yucca is not a real Yucca! And secondly, the flowers are not really red either. So, now that the misleading common name is fully exposed, perhaps there should be a move to more correctly call this plant the “Rose-Coral Yucca Imposter”. Red Yucca, [...]

Super Scents from the Garden

Natural Botanical Aromatherapy

Enticed by the alluring scent of old-fashioned roses

The power of fragrant flowers extends far beyond the ability to attract pollinating insects, moths or butterflies. Floral scents like roses are one of the most popular smells for humans too. Just look to the perfume industry and notice the effort that is [...]

The Texas Garden Almanac

Doug Welsh's Texas Garden Almanac

The Texas Garden Almanac is a giant monthly calendar (in book form) full of helpful tips about what to do in the garden based on the unique Texas environment. Very easy to use, the Texas Garden Almanac is set up so that all you have to do is open the [...]

An Early Invasion of Late Blight on Tomatoes

Early Warnings of Tomato Late Blight Problems in the Northeast

Cornell University was the first to sound the alarm on June 26th that a “very destructive and very infectious disease is killing tomato and potato plants in gardens and commercial farms in the eastern U.S. , “ says Dr. Meg McGrath, Associate Professor, who is [...]

Creating a Tropical Oasis in a Northern Garden

Hardy Plants to Create a Tropical Looking Garden

Tropical-looking, but hardy and native Poke in a Philadelphia area garden (warning poisonous if eaten)

One of the hot trends in gardening for the last couple of years has been to create a lush, Southern tropical oasis right in your own back yard.  Transforming a ho-hum [...]

Three New Hydrangeas for 2009 & 2010 from Bailey Nurseries

First Editions Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

First Editions Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

New from Bailey Nurseries in St. Paul, Minnesota is a hydrangea that is a triple-dipped treat for your garden.  It changes through three colors as it blooms.  This hydrangea paniculata’s enormous blooms start out a creamy vanilla-white, changing to a soft pink and finally [...]

Gardens and Groves in Central Florida

The Gardens and Citrus Groves of Polk County

Orange blossoms at the UF Citrus Research and Education Center

If you set a map of Florida up on a dart board, a seasoned player will easily be able to get a dart to hit right smack on Central Florida and probably will be able to [...]